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16 March 2017

ebm-papst A&NZ engages with corporate social responsibility

In 2016, ebm-papst A&NZ was ranked among the Top 10 Companies with the highest corporate social responsibility (CSR) capabilities in Australia and New Zealand by the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR). The not-for-profit organisation has been conducting their annual survey for the last 10 years, using employee feedback to evaluate companies’ engagement with CSR.

Defined by the International Organisation for Standardisation’s Guidance Standard on Social Responsibility, ISO 26000, “social responsibility is the responsibility of an organisation for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, through transparent and ethical behaviour”. It includes how a company contributes to the development of society, the inclusion of its stakeholders and compliance with local laws and norms. A company’s social responsibility encompasses the whole of the organisation.

The ebm-papst Group prides itself on a long history of community engagement and environmental citizenship. ebm-papst founder, Gerhard Sturm, developed the GreenTech philosophy so that every new product developed must be economically and ecologically superior to its predecessor. As a family business, the ebm-papst Group and its subsidiaries are committed to resource efficiency as well as engagement in their local regions. In the last six years, these founding principles were the inspiration for the global ebm-papst GreenDay campaign, in which all 12,000 ebm-papst employees are invited to share and celebrate their CSR-related activities and projects.

In Australia and New Zealand, ebm-papst proactively manages a range of CSR-related activities that are underpinned by the company vision. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sponsorship of New Zealand sportswoman Holly White
  • Support of community organisation Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
  • ISO14001 environmental management certification
  • Company-wide support and fundraising for men’s health charity, Movember
  • Employee-driven engagement with sporting activities such as ‘Ride around the Bay’, and the EWB mud run.

In 2017, ebm-papst A&NZ continues to engage with ethical, socially conscious activities across its offices, exemplifying and encouraging a high standard of corporate social responsibility to its customers, suppliers, employees, community, and additional stakeholders.

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