Drive Technology - Your success is what drives us

Success is enjoyed by those who tread new paths. Innovative drive technology today is required to put technological trends, market requirements and specific user wishes into highly efficient quality products. Aspects such as mechatronics, electronics and software are to be perfectly integrated and optimised to suit the specific sector, plus they should fulfil demanding economical and ecological standards.

Replacement and retrofit component supplies

drives, motors

With ebm-papst, you have an engineering partner at your side who understands the business of its customers. Forward looking and conscious of our responsibility, we develop solutions in line with the current and future requirements of your market: in industry, in medicine, in building systems, in transport technology and in many other sectors.

Whether it be an AC external rotor motor, an EC direct current motor or an ultra-dynamic EC internal rotor motor inclusive of drive and control electronics – innovations from ebm-papst drive development on, accelerate the production process, exploit synergies, satisfy the strictest of standards with respect to energy efficiency and relieve load from the user.

By choosing ebm-papst as your R&D partner, you will benefit

  • from the experience and security of worldwide proven drive applications
  • from system solutions exactly tailored to your sector
  • from superb quality standards for long service life, operating reliability and energy efficiency
  • from intelligent integration services spanning different systems for individual requirements


Whether for versatile solutions from the modular system or for customer-specific solutions in large-scale production: ebm-papst has been the system supplier for small and industrial motors for decades. From AC or DC motors to electronically commutated drives, as external or internal rotor motors, all the way to the complete drive system with gearbox, sensors and operating electronics.