Including gas and oil heaters, solid fuel burners, fuel cells, thermal storage heating stoves, fan heaters, mobile heat generators and heat pumps.

Ideas and technologies for keeping warm

ebm-papst fans and blower systems for optimum supply of heat.
ebm-papst fans and blower systems for optimum supply of heat.

Playing an active part in creating the future of heating technology - this is our commitment at ebm-papst A&NZ. Our products are known for their ground-breaking and reliable solutions, such as the first tangential blowers for electric storage heating units or the first EC centrifugal blowers for gas convection space heaters.

In close cooperation with leading heater manufacturers, we are constantly working to make modern heating more powerful, economical, and better for the environment. For example, we have developed EC centrifugal fans that combine aerodynamically optimised 3D impellers with compact and efficient EC motors for new, silent heat pumps.

With direct contact with our development engineers throughout the process, we cooperatively create optimum solutions with various types of blowers for heating systems. Thus we provide our customers with heating components that take into account all the ambient conditions and specific uses of the particular application, allowing the optimum combination of performance, size cost-effectiveness.

Related products

Centrifugal fans

The centrifugal fans have very good hydraulic efficiency and a low noise level and are ideally suited for high pressures. The centrifugal fans are used in applications such as central air conditioning units or building ventilation systems.

Compact fans

ebm-papst compact fans have been the standard in electronics cooling for decades. Compact, quiet and highly efficient, they adapt to the cooling situation and can be intelligently networked to the device logic. They are available for all voltages and in all standard sizes.

Hot air blowers

The circulation blower for hot air and the drive motor that powers it are designed to withstand high ambient temperatures with no impairment of function and to guarantee a long service life.

Gas blowers

For an optimal burning process in condensing boilers, maintaining an exact mixing ratio of gas to air is the prerequisite for low NOx emissions. The high flow resistance of these upper heating value burners require blowers with steep pressure vs. air volume curve. These requirements are optimally met by ebm-papst gas blowers.

Tangential blowers

The exceptional features of tangential blowers, tangential fans or cross-flow fans are their high air flow at relatively low counterpressures and very good noise characteristics. Application areas: Stove jacket cooling, thermal storage heaters, overhead projectors, tanning beds, air-conditioning and heating units.