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EC fans, supermarket refrigeration

Economy and ecology meeting and becoming one is no longer a theoretical possibility, it has been proven to the world by successful and international applications based on our ebm-papst EC Technology.

ebm-papst EC technology for Coles supermarket refrigeration systems, Australia
In 2005, Coles Supermarkets, part of the largest retailing groups in Australia, had decided to go for the strategic goal of drastically improving the efficiency of their refrigeration systems in their supermarkets. To this end, they had a test supermarket fitted with hundreds of ebm-papst EC fans, doing their job in refrigerated display cases, central air-conditioning units placed on roofs, and in conventional condensers.
As far as the efficiency of the entire supermarket refrigeration system is concerned, each EC fan allows for indefinite speed control which means that the condensing temperature of the supermarket refrigeration system can be kept constant across the daily cycle.
This resulted in energy savings of more than 50 %, starting a gigantic EC technology movement in Australia!

Planning simulation of the finished building in Dresden

EC technology for iconic buildings in Dresden

What is the common denominator between the Semper Opera, the Zwinger, and the Ice Sport Rink in the Ostragehege Sports Park? That’s right, they are all to be found in Dresden. The second important common feature: recently, they have all been fitted with modern EC fans now running in their air-conditioning respectively refrigeration systems in order to ensure their energy budget is highly efficient. The modernised refrigeration system has been operating since October 2006.

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